Why an Afternoon Wedding in the UK Is Suitable For Everyone

Most couples want their wedding day to last for hours. But honestly speaking, a lengthy wedding means extensive expenses. Moreover, the day will pass in the blink of an eye. You wouldn’t even know when the day went past, and the guests reached home. All you will have is a lengthy bill from the wedding venue. Sometimes it is not just about the cost of getting married in the UK; it is also about managing time so that everyone can attend your special day.

Afternoon weddings

Over the years, afternoon weddings have become widely popular in the UK. This helps to restrict your time limit. For example, most couples book wedding venues from 12 noon until 6 in the evening. So, the ceremony starts at 2 pm. This allows you and your guests to arrive at the venue from 12. You have enough time to check the decorations around, take some couple photographs, and get ready for the big moment. The guests can also settle down as and when they come.

Once the ceremony is over, you can host your wedding reception after everyone has their lunch. It shouldn’t take more than 3 to 4 hours. So, by 6, you are free to leave for your honeymoon. However, this schedule is strictly for those who want to have a small, intimate wedding. Couples who have huge families and want all their friends and relatives to come shouldn’t try this type of arrangement. With more people, you have to keep some buffer time for everyone to arrive.

Benefits of afternoon weddings

Afternoon weddings are perfect for couples who only invite their immediate family and closest friends. Waiting until the evening will make everyone bored. That is why it is better to have a fixed time so that you have the compulsion to finish everything with the specified period.

• Helps to stick to a small budget

Weddings can be highly expensive. If this is your second wedding, you would want to keep it small and simple. In fact, even if this is your first wedding, you should select the afternoon slot if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Afternoon weddings help you stick to your tight budget. Many small things lead to a massive bill, such as hiring the wedding venue, your wedding gown, decorations, catering, and makeup.

• Different choices for venues

Afternoon weddings open up the possibilities to explore a variety of venues. Many wedding venues appreciate this type of booking because they are already aware that there won’t be too many guests. So, they don’t have to worry about spending on cleaning and maintenance after you leave. This helps you choose from some of the best venues that provide afternoon slots for weddings. This will make your special day shape up elegantly.

The most important thing about your wedding day is your happiness. If you are happy with a small, intimate, and short wedding, then the afternoon slot is the best. It is budget-friendly and hardly takes the energy of the entire day.

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