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Finding the right wedding venue is a priority for many engaged couples. Given that the wedding venue is among the most important contributors to the success of the event, it makes sense to go above and beyond in search of the perfect wedding venue for you as a couple.

In search of a wedding venue, the guiding keywords should “perfect wedding for you as a couple”. Just because a particular wedding venue is renowned for hosting weddings does not mean it will suit your needs and wants. Herein are some of the best tips to help you choose the best wedding venue for your needs.

Tip #1. Go For A Wedding Venue That Suits Your Personality And Theme

Every couple is unique, and every couple has an ideal wedding setting in mind. If you want a wedding in a garden manor, a modern loft, or a simple beach wedding, choose a venue with that has the personality you want.

Additionally, you should ensure that your wedding venue does suit a particular theme. For instance, if you have a country house theme in mind, you need to search for an appropriate wedding venue such as a manor.

Tip #2. Location Of The Venue

While shortlisting wedding venues, you should consider its location in relation to where your guest will be coming from. The ideal wedding venue should be accessible to your guests. Moreover, the venue should be close to the accommodation facilities that your guest can use. In case you have international a lot of guest attending your wedding, consider locating the wedding near the international airport they will arrive at.

Tip #3. Capacity Of The Venue

Do want a small intimate wedding venue or a grand wedding venue with plenty of space? Do you have many guests or a few close family and friends attending your wedding? You need to answer these questions and other wedding venue capacity related questions before setting out in search of your wedding venue. Too small a venue and your wedding might end up feeling overcrowded. Too large of a wedding venue and you run the risk of your wedding feeling cold. That said, you should also keep in mind that the wedding venue capacity will influence your budget.

Tip #4. Budgeting

You need to make a budget of the venue and stick to it. Even before going to a wedding venue, call first to make sure it falls within your budget. While contacting the venue management, ask about seasonal cost variations as well as prices for venue on different days of the week. Finally, ensure that you know all the costs and that there are no different costs.

Tip #5. Make A Visit

While the venue picture might be stunning, they may not tell the whole story. Ensure you schedule a visit to the venue before agreeing to anything. If possible, schedule two visits on different days.

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