What Are the Groomsmen Traditions Followed In the UK

So, you have big plans for your big wedding day. You selected the wedding venue, made a list of guests, talked to the caterer, and finalized the decorations. But, did you decide about the groomsmen? Who will be the groomsmen for your wedding? Many people get so busy planning the wedding that they often forget about the groomsmen’s role. Well, he is the person who will be by your side throughout the day. In fact, it is a tradition in the UK to have groomsmen at every wedding.

Role of the Groomsmen

The first job of groomsmen is to stay with you so that the entire day runs smoothly. The almost replicate the role that a bridesmaid plays from the bride’s side. So, here are some of the duties of groomsmen that you need to know:

• Supporting the groom

This means both practical and emotional support. Grooms, like brides, become tensed as the big moment comes nearer. So, the groomsmen should steady the groom’s nerves and keep him calm before the wedding. It’s like becoming the friend in need type of situation. He will be the friend, philosopher, and guide at this point. It is crucial to keep the excitement and nervousness of the bride in control.

• Ushering the guests

Although groomsmen should stand by the groom all the time, they cannot necessarily be with him when he is dressing or attending the makeup artist. So, another vital role of groomsmen is to usher the guests to their seat. This is another tradition in the UK that groomsmen need to follow. They usually show the bride’s guests to their tables and seats. Usually, the bride’s family sits on the left. The groomsmen should welcome the guests and take them to their seats so that the ceremony can begin soon.

• Escorting the bridesmaids

This is an age-old tradition in the UK that many families follow even today. Like the father escorts the bride down the aisle, the groomsmen can escort the bridesmaids also. They can also partner together during the first dance. However, you need to make sure there is an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Otherwise, one of them may have to remain as a stag. That doesn’t look good.

• Decorating the getaway car

Although this is not a typical UK tradition, groomsmen often decorate your getaway car. Those tin cans rattle underneath the car, unique messages on the car’s side, and the big “Newly Married” sign on the front – the groomsmen, may take responsibility to do all these things. Sometimes the bridesmaids also join in. Just make sure they focus on decorating the car.

A wedding without bridesmaids and groomsmen look incomplete. When you plan your wedding, talk to your to-be wife about how many bridesmaids she will have. Accordingly, you can select your groomsmen. Select from your best friends and cousins. But ensure that the number of groomsmen matches the number of bridesmaids. This helps to take an even picture on both sides every time the photographer comes over.

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