Top Tips For Freight Shipping To The UK

Moving goods on the road over long distances can be a time consuming venture. If you are business owner waiting to deliver items for your customers, it is better to rely on air freight services. On the other hand, if you cannot afford air freight costs, you can ship your goods by sea as it is cheaper. No matter the freight services you choose to use, there are certain steps you can take to make the process easier and less stressful. This article will discuss the top tips for freight shipping to the UK.

1. Ensure Your Supplier Creates a Detailed and Accurate Inventory For Customs Officers

During shipping, many service providers usually end up being held up at border points as customs officers authenticate the inventory in the transit vehicles. You can ensure that your goods pass through border points more quickly by ensuring that your goods are properly packed and also by ensuring that you have a detailed and accurate inventory for the perusal of customs officers.

2. Have The Appropriate Documentation

Without the right documents, your goods cannot be released by customs officers once they reach their destination. Before your goods leave their warehouse of origin, ensure that you ask your supplier to attach all the requisite documentation that may be requested at checkpoints by customs officers.

3. Ensure That Your Goods Are Fumigated

All non-perishable goods being shipped to the UK, must be fumigated to kill any pests and parasites that may have been collected where the items were sourced. It is important that you ask your supplier to provide documentation showing that your goods were fumigated. Failure to produce this documentation at the point of entry can lead to your goods being detained by the authorities.

4. Compare The Shipping Alternatives At Your Disposal

Each of the three main freight methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the best method of transporting your goods, you should first consider the timeline within which you want your goods delivered. The next thing that you should consider is your shipping budget. If you want your goods delivered fast, expect to pay higher shipping fees.

Once you choose your desired shipping method, the next stage should be selecting a freight service provider. Remember that different companies charge varying shipping fees. To identify the company with the most suitable and affordable shipping option, ensure that you compare different service providers. Avoid choosing the first freight company you meet as you may end up bypassing better options.

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